4 Common Mistakes That Make Your Tenancy Cleaning Go Wrong

The majority of landlord-tenancy disputes in London arise from arguments on tenancy cleaning.  This is because many tenants will assume that the normal cleaning will be adequate. But a landlord will want a vacating tenant to leave the unit as it was when the tenant was moving in or close to it, save for the allowed wear and tear. The landlord has a right to dispute the cleaning if he feels it is not up to standard. Here are a few common mistakes that make tenancy cleaning go wrong.

DIY cleaning

Some people will try DIY cleaning. This may work for a small house. But for a big house 3-bedrooms and above, this does not work. The simple fact is that tenancy cleaning is a big job that requires skills and experience.

A professional tenancy cleaning London service will be more suitable for the job. A cleaning service is better placed to add more manpower to the job if there is a need. These are cleaners with experience and will not need close supervision or coaching in what is needed.

Choosing the wrong cleaning service

Not all cleaning services are equal. Some deliver better work than others. Unfortunately, many tenants will go for the cheapest instead of the one that offers the best value for money. A cheap cleaning service will most likely put poorly skilled and inexperienced workers on the job to cut costs, as well as take shortcuts when it comes to quality of cleaning materials. This will botch the job.

The ideal professional tenancy cleaning London service should have some characteristics:

  • Adequate manpower and equipment for the job. Ensure that you are not dealing with a broker who will put sub-contractors on the job
  • Should be prompt in answering your queries
  • Should appear to be professional with well-looked after cleaning crews in clean uniforms and the proper cleaning gear
  • Should charge you for what they deliver and not necessarily because they have to be the cheapest

Inadequate market research

Some tenants will call the first cleaning service they see on the web. This is very limiting in comparing the different companies in the market. It is advisable to compare 3-5 cleaning services to get the best choice.

Failing to agree on the scope of work

A vague scope of work will lead to some tasks not getting done. The cleaning crew might have an inadequate task list. It is always good to draw up a task list of what you want to be done and hand it over to the cleaning service.

A professional tenancy cleaning London service makes moving very convenient. Choose the right one and you will never get into a dispute with landlords.


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