Why Liberal Arts Education is More Important than Ever in the 21st Century

In the 21st Century, the focus seems to have shifted away from liberal arts education. The world has so many problems and imbalances today. Intellectual engagements are not prioritized like before. Finding a common language with which to engage in meaningful conversation seems to have taken a backseat too. In all these, education that focuses primarily on liberal arts can create a positive difference.

Why does liberal arts education still matter in an ever-changing world?

It equips learners with wide-ranging skills

It offers a range of core classes in diverse fields such as science, math, fine arts and literature. At the end of the classes, the learners leave with a broad set of skills they can apply in various areas. Some of the classes appear unrelated to the direction or career some of the learners wish to pursue in life. However, the truth is every class helps a student improve in one or more areas. The classes enable students to come out better prepared to tackle different issues in life.

Improved job opportunities

Employers have no problem hiring a person with a background in liberal arts education. They understand that a person with such a background is more well-rounded hence capable of handling wide-ranging responsibilities at the workplace. Eighty percent of all employers believe their employees should be knowledgeable in liberal arts and sciences. Additionally, 55% of all employers look for applicants with:

  1. Skills specific for the jobs they apply for
  2. Broad set of skills

Applicants or employees with broad set of skills are likely to stay in their careers for long.

Skills learned are beneficial to any career

The skills learners acquire from liberal arts education prove helpful in any career. The skills are not limited to specific careers or types of jobs. The skills one acquires in liberal arts, such as math and statistics, can help a person who wishes to pursue a career that revolves around writing and research. A person who desires to work in the science or math-related fields will should be able to document everything with excellent writing skills too.

Exposes learners to a world of opportunities

Do not let the fact that you studied liberal arts prevent you from pursuing your areas of interest. In fact, the education you obtain in liberal arts makes you more capable of exploring all areas that interest you. It opens your mind to endless possibilities. Learners spend time in classes that aren’t limited only to what they major on. The extra lessons make these learners capable of:

  1. Taking up new hobbies
  2. Learning new things
  3. Changing the direction their studies take

The beauty of this is it exposes learners to a major or career that might suit them better.

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